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From ancient traditions

The oldest barrels date back to 1892, since when there’s a historical memory of the beginning of the production activity.

The Founder of the Company chose Corticella after carefully weighing the territory.

The location of our main Vinegar Factory, on the foothills of the thin strip of land between the Secchia and Tresinaro Rivers, is very special and particular. In this area, summers are hot and arid, while winters are severe, with a chill that penetrates into the heart of the barrels. It is a special micro-climate which creates ideal conditions for the summer oxidation and evaporation of the Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, while the winter chills favours sedimentation, guaranteeing decantation and limpidity.

The process is completely carried out inside our Company. Even the grapes are cultivated with passion in our vineyards. We grow a big range of varieties: Trebbiano, Occhio di Gatto, Marzemino, Spergola; and among the Lambrusco’s cultivars, Marani, Salamino, Maestri and Grasparossa. And last but not the least, Ancellotta also appears in our blends. The musts of different fragrances are blended with care, following our Family’s old traditional recipes, in order to achieve a perfect bouquet of scents.

The musts, of different fragrances, blend with care…

…following our Family’s old traditional recipes, in order to achieve a perfect bouquet of scents.
The cooking of the new grape musts continues for many days at a low temperature

We then renew our ancient rites in autumn in order to create intense scents that remain forever impressed upon the memory of those who have experienced them.

But the secret lies in the aging within barrels made of different types of wood, where each essence adds a particular touch of flavour.

The cherry wood sweetens the flavour; the chestnut releases tannins and darkens, the mulberry concentrates the Balsamic rapidly, the juniper then enriches the blend with resinous flavour, and finally, the oak adds the special taste which makes our Balsamic Vinegar of Modena unmistakable.

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