Himalayan Pink Salt Condiment

Himalayan Pink Salt Condiment



The high-quality Himalayan Pink Salt combined with our Rosé Condiment gives life to this tasty and innovative elixir.

Perfect on salads and vegetables, it is delightful also on white meat, such as chicken and turkey.

Thanks to its fresh and mild taste and its sapidity, the Himalayan  Pink Salt is the perfect condiment on grilled fish and seafood.

Just a few drops of this condiment will be enough to enhance the flavors of all your dishes!

product sheet
  • Colour: pink colour.

  • Aroma: fruity scent, typical of our Rosé Condiment.

  • Flavour: bittersweet taste, persistent on the palate, with pleasant notes of saltiness.

  • Density: about 1.20.

  • Ageing: shortly aged.

  • Ingredients: concentrated must of white grapes, white wine vinegar, Himalayan Pink Salt (2%). Contains sulfites.


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