Ancient Condiment from Reggio Emilia Tradition Red label “8”

Ancient Condiment from Reggio Emilia Tradition Red label “8”



It’s preferably used raw, for its soft and sweet taste. It has an intense, balanced aroma, with a persistent, rich and opaque tendency, slightly acidic aftertaste. After tasting, a sweet and clean taste sensation remains.

The Ancient Bittersweet Seasoning Land of the Thunder “8” is to be preferred on first courses, soufflés and risottos with delicate flavors. It can be used for lightly cooked gravies. It’s excellent in mayonnaise and sauces for boiled or fish, on vegetable omelettes.
It is a perfect match on summer appetizers and grilled white meat.

product sheet
  • Colour: black, with very intense amber reflections.
  • Aroma: intense aroma, with ripe notes and fresh and pleasant scents.
  • Taste: full body, has balance and a lot of softness. The taste is clean, fine and elegant.
  • Density: around 1,32
  • Ageing: traditional type, with annual decanting in small barrels of different precious woods
  • Ingredients: Cooked Italian grape musts, musts of Italian acetified grapes, refined according to tradition in oak, chestnut, cherry, mulberry and juniper barrels. 100% natural, high quality artisan product, it does not contain dyes, thickeners, preservatives or caramels.


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