Parmesan Risotto with Truffle condiment

Parmesan Risotto with Truffle condiment 2019-08-02T16:38:55+00:00

Project Description

Receipe realized in collaboration with Chef Francesco Miselli.


Ingredients (for 4 people):

  • 300 gr (10.58 oz – 0.66 lb) of Carnaroli rice
  • 1 white onion
  • A knob of butter
  • Oil
  • 1 glass of dry white wine
  • 200 gr (7.05 oz – 0.44 lb) of Parmesan cheese
  • Truffle condiment
  • Vegetable broth


  • Chop the onion finely and put it in the pan. Fry with oil for a few minutes. Add the rice and toast it, stirring well for 5 minutes.
  • Sprinkle (or Moisten) with white wine and let it dry.
  • Then cover with hot vegetable broth and cook for 17 minutes. If necessary, adding hot broth.
  • Turn off the heat when cooked. At this point, the risotto has to appear soft and creamy.
  • Put the knob of butter and the grated Parmesan on a low heat. Mix well for 1 minute away from the fire.
  • Serve and add drops of truffle condiment over the rice.
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