Reginolio Verde
Condimento Balsamico 100% Mela

Reginolio Verde
Condimento Balsamico 100% Mela


Obtained from a handmade process of slow aging and acidification of cooked apple must, the Bittersweet Seasoning 100 % Apple has an intense aroma and a fresh, fruity taste. Born from highly selected ingredients and a completely natural fermentation process, the result is a special taste and a real flavour experience.

Our Bittersweet Seasoning 100 % Apple is delightful with first courses, soufflés and rice dishes. It is the perfect seasoning for pork dishes. Wonderful with mayonnaise and other delicate sauces, it is delicious with vegetables, shrimp and shellfish, omelettes and other onion based dishes.
It releases its sweet and fruity aroma over desserts and aged cheeses

scheda tecnica
  • Colour: Brilliant, Amber shade
  • Aroma: Decidedly fruity, well balanced and evolved with a refined, complex aroma.
  • Flavour: Warm and mellow with a potent, elegant, long lasting taste.
  • Density: about 1,22
  • Acidity: 5%
  • Ingredients: Concentrated apple juice, acetified apple juice, natural flavours. Contains Sulfites.


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Condimento Balsamico 100% Mela”

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