Reginolio Blu
Condimento Bianco Balsamico

Reginolio Blu
Condimento Bianco Balsamico


Premium Bittersweet White Balsamic Condiment Terra del Tuono is the result of the slow aging of white grape concentrated must blended with premium mature white wine vinegar. All the grapes we use are from Italy.

Our White Balsamic Condiment has a warm limpid amber color, a fruity and aromatic taste due to the high quality of the grapes it is made of, that
distinguish it from any other Condiment.
It is perfect on fresh salads and steamed vegetables. Excellent on fresh seafood, shellfish and white meat

scheda tecnica
  • Colour: limpid and transparent with an amber hue.
  • Aroma: full flavoured, intense and long lasting with a hint of white grape.
  • Taste: dry, lively yet balanced with a memorable sweet grape aftertaste.
  • Density: about 1,22
  • Ageing: shortly aged, in wood barrels of precious white oak
  • Ingredients: Concentrated white grape must, white wine vinegar. Contains Sulfites.


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Condimento Bianco Balsamico”

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